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Thrustmaster of Texas
6900 Thrustmaster Dr.,
Houston, Texas,
United States

Contact: Jordan Tilton
Phone: (614) 306-0539
Fax: (713) 973-7962

For over 30 years Thrustmaster has been designing and manufacturing high quality marine propulsion equipment as the worlds largest thruster manufacturing facility in Houston, TX. These thrusters include Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters, Portable DPS, Z-drives, Outdrive Propulsion Systems, and most recently Waterjets. Thrustmaster Waterjets range in size from 10″ to over 55″ (250bHP to 8250bHP) and include a variety of applications for lobster boats, patrol boats, yachts, pilot boats, tow boats, ferries and commercial fishing boats. Whatever the application, they can fit a waterjet to it along with complete control system.