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P.O. Box 72
4200 AB Gorinchem
The Netherlands

Contact: Dwayne Armstrong C.E.T. - North American Representative
Phone: 902-497-1100

For more than 60 years, Stigterstaal has been the leading steel supplier for shipbuilders and ship repair yards, not just in the Netherlands but far beyond. Thanks to solution-driven working methods, a no-nonsense mentality, and shipbuilding steel of superior quality (Grade A, DH36, and EH36), they have become a leading supplier of steel for the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

They hold Europe’s largest stock of shipbuilding steel (50.000 Tons), making immediate delivery possible in every situation. That means that they’re not frightened by orders that may, at first sight, seem impossible – quite the opposite!

Stigterstaal prides itself on always aiming for the best solutions for its customers – they take the pressure off! They make all the transport arrangements – for example, the necessary documents (including export), legalizations and so on – to every conceivable destination worldwide. Shot-blasting and painting are part of their standard service too.