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Contact: Eric Simard
Phone: (514) 220-2326

Since its foundation in 1982, ADF Diesel has become synonymous with confidence and dependability. Within each division of Groupe Fournier Diesel, the quality service provided by their highly qualified sales teams, mechanics and managers is at the heart of our concerns; as is the reliability of our products. It is certainly for these reasons that thousands of entrepreneurs choose to maintain their trade relationships with Groupe Fournier Diesel divisions.

Being a distributor of Scania engines makes them your engine solution provider. 

Get more competitive with a complete solution! 

Why settle with first-class engines when you can get a first-class solution? They can helpyou customise a complete Scania marine solution: An array of flexible options like ratings, equipment, transmissions, cooling systems and instruments that are matched to fit your specifications. Of course with proven Scania quality througout the entire solution.

Engine ranges from 220 hp to 1150 hp, heat exchanged or keel cooled.

  • Modular design with single cylinder heads
  • 500 service interval
  • 2 000 hours valve lash adjustment
  • No Break-in period required
  • 100% engine tested on dyno before delivery
  • Outstanding torque at low revs
  • Excellent fuel efficiency

For more information on Scania EPA Tier 3 IMO Tier 2 specifications, click here.

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