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Samson Enterprises Boatbuilders
PO Box 72,
Arichat, Nova Scotia, B0E 1A0

Contact: Daryl David or Herman Samson
Phone: (902) 226-9400
Fax: (902) 226-9413
Email: ddavid@samsonboats.com
Website: www.samsonboats.com

Herman Samson and Daryl David have been building boats in their shop in Pondville, Isle Madame since 1986. Isle Madame is an island off the South Coast of Cape Breton Island that has serviced fishing ports since the Europeans first started fishing off North America.

The company takes pride in the rugged seaworthy craft that they produce from their high quality moulds. The boats are sold as kits at any stage of completion or as finished products. Samson Enterprises produce serious inshore fishing boats up to 55′ and boats for recreational use.

The 23′ Cape Islander is popular locally as a pleasure boat and the Samson 28′ and 30′ are produced for customers from Newfoundland to Florida. Samson’s newest model, the Magna Line, is offered as a semi-custom boat. It can be all work or all play or anything in between.

In 2003, the shop expanded into new facilities on Mouse Island, in the Harbour of Petit de Grat, Isle Madame. Here they finish boats up to 65′; they have a 150 ton travel lift and are capable of doing repairs and refits to vessels up to 200 gross tons.

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