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Lakeside, Nova Scotia, B3T 1M6

Contact: Heaton Rosborough
Phone: (902) 450-3262
Fax: (902) 450-1123
Email: info@rosboroughboats.com
Website: www.rosboroughboats.com

Rosborough Boats has been a builder of custom and semi-custom vessels built to serve the needs of the Professional Marine Community in a variety of sectors since 1955. Rosborough Boats has evolved from the design and building of fully custom wooden sailing yachts to the current day signature offerings of the RFV Hammerhead and RoughWater™ Rigid Hull Inflatables.

Rosborough Hammerhead and RoughWater™ boats are presently in service with Canadian Federal, Provincial and Municipal agencies, US State and Municipal agencies, and the Canadian and UK Private Sector, in the roles of Policing / Patrolling, Search & Rescue, Conservation & Protection, Ambulance, Oil Platform Assistance, Survival Training and General Work Boat services.

2017 saw the launch of Rosborough’s new Rough Water™ Multi-Role Combatant utilizing the hull of the popular Rough Water™ and enhancing the design to meet the changing needs of Navies and Coast Guards around the world.

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