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d'Eon Boatbuilding Ltd. Boatbuilders
PO Box 99,
Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, B0W 2M0

Contact: Michel Surette
Phone: (902) 762-2326
Fax: (902) 762-2096
Email: michel@deonboatbuilding.com
Website: www.deonboatbuilding.com

d’Eon Boatbuilding Ltd. is a family owned and operated boat yard that has been producing vessels since 1944. They are located on the southwest tip of Nova Scotia in the village of Middle West Pubnico where fishing is still a way of life.

All of their vessels, ranging in size from 25′ to 65′, have been tested and proven time and time again on the often-unforgiving North Atlantic waters. They have the ability to construct three vessels at a time as well as performing repair work on their two 50-ton marine railways. Their vessels are produced for the local and international markets.

Instagram: @deonboats

Facebook: d’Eon Boatbuilding Ltd