Board Bio’s 2021 / 2022

John Kinley – Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering (LIFE)

John Kinley grew up in Lunenburg and on the waters of Mahone Bay. John attended Saint Francis Xavier University and achieved degrees in the environmental and political sciences. For several years, John sailed on tall ships like the Bluenose II and the Picton Castle and gained a great amount of sea time and experience on the open ocean. John has lived and worked throughout Canada but in 2016 returned to Lunenburg to work with his father and family at the Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering.

He has worn many hats while working for his family’s company including as manufacturing manager where he helped grow the division by 10% a year from 2018 to 2020. He later grew into his role as a Managing Director and is refocusing the company’s efforts to focus on international work in the post-pandemic world. John joined the NSBA board in 2017 and became chair in 2019. LIFE has long supported the efforts of the NSBA and both John and LIFE recognize the important voice that the association brings to the marine industry.

John has a young family and in his spare time works in the woods and the fields of his boarding horse stables outside Lunenburg, NS. 

Gilles Theriault – A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.

Gilles Theriault is President at A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd., a Ship building and repair business
that was founded in 1938 by his grandfather, Gus Theriault. Gilles is a third generation Theriault
who manages the company’s day to day operations with his cousin David. He also oversees
activities at AFT Sawmill. His father, Arthur, and his uncles Ernest, Larry and Russell (deceased)
retired a few years ago.
Gilles plays an active part in promoting the company. He attends trade shows and prepares
promotional materials showcasing the boat building and repair facilities available at
A. F. Theriault & Son. The enterprise continues to attract local, national and international
Gilles prides himself in giving A. F. Theriault clients the great customer service that they deserve
as well as delivering the required specification, whether it be a boat repair or new build. He also
has a keen interest in advanced technologies in the marine industry. Furthermore, employee
education and training, safety and innovation in the workplace are all things he values very much
– a tireless champion with a vision to continually develop the company into the best it can be.
In February 2017, Gilles was inducted into the Atlantic Canada Marine Industries Hall of Fame.

Brett Robinson – Colindale Marine Services

Brett Robinson is the president of Colindale Marine Services based in Port Hood, Cape Breton.  He grew up around boat building at Colindale Boatyard, lobster fishing in the Northumberland Strait and sailing with his father in Cape Cod.  His passion for sailing took him around the world in 2005 aboard the Picton Castle and he spent several years aboard traditional sailing vessels on the east coast.  After swallowing the anchor, he completed Mechanical Engineering Technology at NSCC and Bachelor of Technology at Memorial University. Employed in marine and heavy civil construction allowed him to hone his skills for management, construction safety and coordination.  Following that, he started the company and has been successfully managing and growing Colindale Marine Services since 2018.  Brett was recently married to his wife Sarah and they raise six children together.

Fraser Challoner – Wedgeport Boats

Fraser Challoner started out at Wedgeport Boats over 17 years ago. His passion for carpentry and woodworking lead him to try his hand at boat building. During his time in the industry, Fraser has learned a lot. Starting out as an apprentice, and working very hard over the years, Fraser became a Certified Boat Builder and is now part owner of Wedgeport Boats.

Lee Toole – Maritime Marine Supply

Lee has been in the industry for 20 years. For 15 of those years he was the sales manager for Stright-MacKay Ltd and for the last year VP of Sales for Maritime Marine Supply, a new company formed by the purchase and integration of Stright-MacKay Ltd and Mermaid Marie since the beginning of 2021.

Although they are not boatbuilders Lee suggests MMS company holds an important position on the board as a supply chain voice, which is particularly important in our current environment.  As well, they are constantly tracking  the latest innovations in boat building equipment and consumables.