About the NSBA


The Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association (NSBA) was established in 1998 by a small group of leading boatbuilders who shared a common vision of growing and diversifying this maritime industry beyond its original domestic fishing boat market. From a modest beginning, the association’s membership has grown to include 43 boatbuilders and 56 companies supplying products and services to the industry.

NSBA’s mission is to create and foster an environment that promotes profitable and sustained export-oriented business growth for its members. It does this by:

  • Promoting the industry to markets in Canada, the US and around the world;
  • Managing and administering the Nova Scotia Boat Builder and Nova Scotia Marine Service Technician Apprenticeship Programs;
  • Promoting boatbuilding industry careers to youth;
  • Representing the boatbuilding industry at various government levels; and
  • Providing technical and market advice to boatbuilders.

In 2005, the NSBA signed the first-ever licensing agreement with New Zealand to adapt and deliver their boat builder training materials to apprentices registered in Canada’s Maritime provinces. Later, in 2013, NSBA signed a similar licensing agreement with the Quadrant Marine Institute of British Columbia, to use their training materials in the new Nova Scotia Marine Service Technician apprenticeship program.

NSBA members design, build, repair and service, and provide materials and equipment for a diverse range of semi-custom and custom boats, from 8′ to 80′ in length, for commercial and recreational use. All boats are built to Transport Canada or equivalent standards by a skilled workforce.

The NSBA is the first point of contact for the boatbuilding industry in Canada’s Maritime provinces.


2019-20 Board of Directors:


  • John Kinley, Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Limited – Chair
  • Gilles Theriault, A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd. – Vice-Chair
  • Pat Nelder, Big Pond Boat Shop – Treasurer


  • Brett Robinson, Colindale Marine Services
  • Kevin Feindel, Ocean Gear Inc.
  • Lee Toole, Stright-McKay
  • Nick Fyffe, Blumara Corp
  • Steve Allt, Cummins Sales & Service


  • Jan Fullerton, Executive Director
  • Richard Lindala, Training & Certification Coordinator
  • Kayla Roberts, Online Marketing and Career Promotion
  • Chantel Leturneau, Administration and Training
  • Andrew Bethune, Communications Specialist
  • Blossy Figer, Labour Market Analyst
  • Rohan Christian, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator