Economic Impact of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilding Industry

The impact of Nova Scotia’s Boatbuilding Industry’s on the economy of Nova Scotia is significant. In 2015, the sector created:

  • Direct household income of $34.0 million and total household income of $46.7 million
  • Direct employment of 667 and total employment of 927
  • Direct gross domestic product of $37.4 million, and total gross domestic product of $60.1 million

Boatbuilding and boat repair and servicing is predominantly a rural economic activity – 98.5% of establishments are outside the Halifax Region.

See report “Economic Impact of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilding Industry” for full discussion and results of a study carried out by Canmac Economics on behalf of the NSBA.

Hybrid Technology Review – March 2015

Designing and building “greener” boats for the recreational and commercial boating markets is an admirable goal – and all-electric and hybrid-electric propulsion is already playing a part in this trend. But what should our expectations of this technology be? What’s viable now, and likely to be in 5 to 10 years’ time? The results of NSBA’s review of current technology may surprise you.

Hybrid Technology Review – March 2015

Updated 23 December 2016