Boatbuilding Conference on Innovation and Productivity 2012

The NSBA would like to thank all those who attended the Boatbuilder Conference on Innovation and Productivity at Dalhousie University on March 29th, 2012. We would also like to extend a huge thank you to all of our speakers who came from near and far, and to Dalhousie University and National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program for their support. More information about this conference is below.

We look forward to planning another conference in 2013 and hope to see you there!

Seminar Program

Click here to print a copy of the Boatbuilder Conference on Innovation and Productivity brochure.

Productivity – the future
Productivity is an issue that has been growing unchecked in Canada for decades.  It threatens the nation’s future affluence and our standard of living. Bill Currie, Vice Chair and Americas Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting, investigated the major causes of the productivity gap, and will be explaining an eight-step action plan for business, academia and government to help boost Canada’s performance.

Solar technology for boats
The availability of green energy onboard boats is a passion with some customers in today’s marketplace. During this session Ed Sherman will look at the solar side of things and discuss where we are today with solar panel technology.  He will answer such questions as:

  • Efficiency improvement? Have there been any?
  • Which panel types offer the best efficiency levels?
  • What are some of the installation considerations that should be taken into account to maximize performance?
  • What ABYC Standards might apply to any green energy power source?

You’ll leave this session with a clear view of what’s needed to maximize the potential for these silent generators in a typical onboard application.

Hybrid marine power
The word “hybrid” is used a lot in these days in the context of “green technology” and energy conservation. Paul Jamer, VP Corporate Development of the AKA Group will be using a typical Nova Scotia fishing boat as a business case to explain their unique hybrid propulsion and battery management system that is enjoying success around the world.

De-mystifying composites
Andre Cocquyt, North America’s renowned GRP Guru, will break down new composite products and technologies in categories such as real, hype, cheap, expensive and game changing. In these tight-budget times, it’s important that the builders don’t have to find out for themselves if a new resin, vacuum bag, or fabric is indeed better – or just another marketing ploy.

Innovations in digital marketing media
‘Tweet’ this and ‘facebook’ that.  Wall, timeline, stream, update, and share are new additions to many people’s vocabulary.  While most people have heard of facebook, YouTube and twitter, there are many more tools and options within the area of digital and social media marketing.  With many years experience in this area, Sean Williams of sean williams marketing group will highlight the latest trends and approaches in digital marketing, and outline how to get the most out of it.

Rapid prototyping
Dalhousie University will be demonstrating how rapid prototyping is used. Robert Warner, Senior Instructor of Mechanical Engineering, Product Research and Development Group of Dalhousie University will show how rapid prototyping can change and benefit your business.

Mr. Warner will demonstrate the process of Rapid Prototyping as it applies to three-dimensional printing of prototype plastic parts. He will provide a computer demonstration of the Rapid Prototype Process and include a demonstration of the steps required to go from creating a CAD solid model to printing a physical 3-dimensional plastic model on a rapid prototype machine.

Increasing productivity
Conference presenters Andre Cocquyt, Ed Sherman, Robert Warner and a representative from NRC IRAP will form a panel which will field questions from the floor on innovation and productivity. Tim Edwards, NSBA Executive Director will moderate.


NSBA Gold Associate members DSS Marine, Mermaid Marine, and Stright-MacKay will have displays featuring new and innovative products on offer.


NSBA gratefully acknowledges the contribution from the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) and Dalhousie University.

Conference 2011

Boats 2011! was a Maritime Boatbuilding Conference on Innovation which was held at the Sexton Campus of Dalhousie University on March 10th, 2011.  Please click above for details of the conference.

Thank you to all who presented and who attended the Boats 2011! A Maritime Boatbuilding Conference on Innovation.  The Conference was deemed a success by those who attended and NSBA looks forward to planning another one-day conference in 2012.