Q1.   Are the cost of magazine ads in boating publications aimed at boaters outside the region (potential customers of an applicant) eligible?

A1.   Yes, but only for the month or issue leading up to the show that the boatbuilder will be exhibiting at.  For instance, one ad in boating magazines that are applicable to a particular show that the boatbuilder is exhibiting at, would be eligible.

The goal of the BBMAP is to encourage boatbuilders to show their product in the market – and an ad announcing that you’ll be at a particular show will increase the chance of more boaters visiting you at that show.

Q2.   How do you calculate vessel transportation costs?  Is there a standard NS mileage rate?

A2.   The mileage calculation is based on the government rate which is currently $0.41/km.  This applies to companies that trailer their own vessels to shows.

If, however, a company is hiring  a trucking / cargo company to transport a boat, 75% of the invoice cost, less domestic tax, is covered by the BBMAP.  This includes overseas transport.

Also, if a company has a boat that has been sold to an individual in the local area of the boat show, the owner of the boat can be paid a “skipper’s” fee for sailing the vessel to the show if he agrees that he will let the company display the boat at the show.  There are no set criteria for this but the amount must be reasonable.

Q3.  What constitutes Market Research under the BBMAP?

A3.   Eligible market research activities include investigating a market and providing an analysis / forecast for that market for the applicant boatbuilder.  Market research is not having someone traveling to a destination for the sole purpose of selling a boat(s).

Q4.   Are consultant costs eligible for Market Research projects?

A4.  Yes they are but the company or individual hired to do that market research must be a professional in the market research field and be qualified to do the work.  The market research consultant’s invoice would be covered by the BBMAP as submitted by their company (up to 75%).  the project deliverable must include a market study or report.

Q5.   Are ground transport costs eligible under market research? e.g. train from airport to project site?

A5.  Reasonable transportation costs to / from the project site for up to two persons per applicant are eligible and will assessed by NSBA on a project-by-project basis.

Q6.  If an applicant includes promo materials in a project to exhibit at a show (Marketing Activities), is this eligible or should those costs be under a separate application under Marketing Materials.

A6.  Costs for certain promotional items that are specific to a boat show the boatbuilder is exhibiting at can be included in the Marketing Activity application for that show.

Q7.  Are photocopies of original receipts acceptable as most companies won’t part with the actual originals (their accountants won’t let them)?

A7.  NSBA will accept copies of invoices with proof of payment (marked ‘paid’ by proprietor, copy of cancelled cheque or credit card statement, or web receipt from e.g. airlines).

Q8.  Will NSBA only issue reimbursement once the project is complete and the deliverables submitted?

A8.  Yes.  The BBMAP program has not provision for progress claims.

Q9.  Is company-marked clothing eligible under Marketing Materials?

A9.  Yes, but only if the clothing items are intended for handing out to existing or potential customers as a promotional tool.  Company-marked clothing for company staff is not eligible.

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